Seoul TOPIS has installed and has been operating unmanned enforcement system in order to crack down on vehicles in violation of road regulations.
The system regulates vehicles parked in no parking areas or no stopping areas for more than 5 minutes and those violating various exclusive lane regulations.

The unmanned enforcement system collects the license plate information of a vehicle caught by the system. Then, it automatically looks up the owner of the vehicle, address through the vehicle registration management system of the ministry of land, infrastructure and transport that computerizes and manages all vehicle registration information of South Korea.

Once the owner’s identity and his or her address are confirmed, an electronic bill for the fine and a photo for evidence collected by the system are sent to the post office. Then the post office delivers the bill to the owner of the vehicle. All of these processes are automatically conducted. It takes only 2 or 3 days from being caught for the bill to be delivered to the person. Recently it is sent by mobile as well, so the owner of the vehicle can check in real time. He or she can pay by mobile.