What is Car-Sharing?

Car-Sharing is a service that provides a vehicle to an individual for temporary use whenever needed. Through this service, people can have the use of a car without owning one. It is an alternative to traffic congestion and it resolves parking issues and reduces pollution.

What is the difference between Car-Sharing and the existing car rentals?

Car-sharing differs from traditional car rentals. Users of the car-sharing service can rent a vehicle for occasional use and for shorter periods of time, at places and times convenient to them. Also you pay only for the amount of time you use the vehicle. Without needing to sign a separate contract, anyone can reserves a car over the internet or through a smartphone application. You can pick up the car at an unmanned pick-up point and you can drive it for the reserved period of time.

How to use a car-sharing which you can use comfortably

1. You can install an app, input your driver’s license and forms of payment.
2. You can choose a car, a place to pick up and time to use.
3. You can find a car where it is parked and use it with a smart key of the app.
After using the car and bring it to the appointed place.