TOPIS analyzes big data. Big data collected by TOPIS, greatly consists of transportation card data, data on bus, taxi operation, speed and traffic volume data by road. Transportation card data is generated whenever you get on or off a mode of transport such as a bus or transfer to another one. Approximately 85 million cases of transportation card data are collected every day. Bus and taxi operation data such as GPS information collected by TOPIS reaches 26 million cases per day. Lastly, over 100 million cases of speed and traffic volume of big data are collected every day.

Traffic Big Data System

The collected big data related to transportation is used to find the causes of congestion, to set up and analyze a variety of transport policies. Big data is also used to analyze the standards of public transportation services including the optimization of late-night bus routes, the selection of bus stop locations, an analysis on bus route duplications and bus stop congestion. In addition, big data is used to evaluate public transportation service providers, such as bus companies, and for big data-based traffic prediction services.